Discerning consumers with mild to even severe back, neck or shoulder pain gravitate toward memory foam. Many report that sleeping on a foam mattress is like resting on billions of tiny supporting springs. Memory foam envelops and cocoons like no other material giving each mattress a personalized feel as though it were custom made.

An interesting side bar to the memory foam story is that many parents choose memory foam for their growing children. Everyone with kids will tell you that growth spurts are uncomfortable! Growing limbs seem to thrive on the constantly adjusting support of foam. Typical growing pains are relieved and children are able to sleep better. While most people are ‘over the moon’ satisfied with their memory foam mattress there are those who experience a warming factor. This can be a result of one’s personal body temperature, their thermostat, or even their home’s location. The ultimate solution is gel-infused foam, or gel memory foam.




Deliciously designed to keep cool and comfortable while preserving support where needed, gel memory foam is memory foam that has literally been infused with a gel in order to transfer heat away from the sleeper. Here at the Bassett iSleep Center we’ve done the research and understand that there is foam, there is superior quality foam and then there is foam that meets iSleep Center standards. Our expectations on your behalf are stringent and unmovable, only the best for our valued customers. Whatever your final decision, memory or gel memory, foam mattresses are an excellent investment in a glorious night’s sleep.

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